Fantasy Land Set 126pc

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Build and create with Magformers Fantasy Land 126Pc Set. This Magformers Deluxe set arrives with 9 different geometric magnetic shapes totalling 70 Pieces and 23 different accessories totalling 56 pieces. Build an imaginative Magformers world and create a toy shop, hotdog stand, and carnival rides! Add our Magbuddies characters to the ferris wheel and create fun for all the family! The perfect set for the Magformers enthusiast.

The set comes with 16 x Triangles, 6 x Squares, 2 x Window Squares, 2 x Hexagon, 4 x Isosceles Triangles, 6 x Sector, 3 x Arch, 1 x Super Rectangle, 2 x Magnet swing, 1 x grabber, 1 x Stand, 1 x car, 1 x balcony, 10 x base plates, 2 x magbuddies, 2 x magbuddies hat, 1 x siren, 1 x lookout, 1 x ladder, 10 x window, 2 x balcony window, 6 x mini blocks, 1 x Toy Shop, 1 x Hotdog, 1 x cake shop, 4 x chairs, 1 x elephant slides, 2 x table, 6 x carnival wheel accessories.

Recommended Age: 3+

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