Benefits of Magformers

STEM – Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics

It is no longer enough to simply use technology, we need to create a generation involved in building their own technology futures, …Magformers are an excellent way to build important spatial skills to help prepare our next generation of STEM leaders.” – Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen, founder of the Tech Girls Movement. 

Children need to develop spatial awareness, rotation, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, imagination, logical reasoning and problem solving skills to be able to create, innovate and advance the technology of tomorrow.

Being a pilot and designer requires great skill in spatial orientation, including being able to imagine how things look and to rotate shapes and designs around in your mind.  Playing with objects like Magformers from a young age will teach these skills in a fun way!” – Shane Thompson, a commercial pilot and designer of the ‘Cord Roll’.

Magformers are designed for brain development

Magformers is an award winning educational product design for children’s brain development.

It is the original of its kind (with rotating magnets) and all pieces are compatible with one another.

Magformers products are made with long term use in mind. The magnetic pieces are made with high quality BPA-free ABS plastic, and all products are safety tested to Australian and International safety standards.

3D Brain Development

Fun and Educational

Magformers products are loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Children are always learning various skills and concepts while they are having fun putting the pieces together!

Mathematical principles that may otherwise be difficult to understand, even by older students, are easily grasped by children, simply by experimenting with the pieces, and putting different combinations of geometric shapes together, in 2D or 3D patterns.

Both parents and childhood educators have given us first hand feedback as to the surprisingly high level of engagement for lengthy periods of time children remain engaged and stimulated with Magformers.