You may be able to use your (or your child's) NDIS funding to purchase Magformers if Magformers goes to support the plan's goals, under the possible categories of "Consumables", "Assistance with social & community participation" and / or "Improved Learning". Please run it pass your NDIS representative if you are unsure.

Can Magformers improve your child's learning?

Magformers is found to be beneficial for a variety of conditions including Autism, ADHD, developmental delay and sensory processing disorders.

"Magformers has been helpful in developing skills such as bi-lateral integration as the children have to use both hands to put the shapes together, improving fine motor skills and fine motor control, increasing hand and finger strength by pulling the shapes apart, enhancing visual perceptual skills such as spatial awareness and form constancy, improving motor planning and construction skills (conceiving and executing), cognitive skills such as colour and shape recognition (including 2D and 3D shapes) and it has even helped creativity and idea generation, building beyond the scope of the copying cards included in the box." (Sarah Hickey, Occupational Therapist (NSW Australia))

Self-managed participants

Once you have made your purchase on this website, please reply to the Magformers order confirmation email (or email info@magformers.com.au with your order number and NDIS number) and request an invoice.

You will receive an invoice from us within 2-5 business days. You can then use this invoice to claim directly from the NDIS, provided funds are available for the relevant support category.

Plan-managed participants

Please email info@magformers.com.au the following details:

  • Participant’s full name, NDIS number, Order items, Delivery address and contact phone number.
  • Plan manager's name and email address
We will process the order for you with 1-2 business days and invoice your plan manager directly. Once funds are received from your plan manager, we will then send the items out to you directly.