What are Magformers?

Discover the exciting and magical world of Magformers!

A World of exploration and discovery, limited only by your child’s imagination.


Magformers is an internationally award winning educational toy that is fun and engaging.

Magformers products are now third party STEM approved, so they are not just another toy, but one that is made to last and grow with your child. Children of different ages and abilities will develop different skills simply by “playing” with the pieces.

All Magformers products are compatible (with very minor exceptions), so as your child’s skills advances, you can add more shapes or other interactive pieces to continually expand your child’s development.

Many parents have expressed surprise on how long their child plays with Magformers in one sitting, and how their child plays with Magformers every day! Teachers and toy libraries have similarly expressed how children simply love playing with Magformers.

So if you don’t already have some Magformers at home, get even just a small set, and you will see what everyone is talking about! Just a simple set of 14 pieces consisting of squares and triangles, is enough to get a child engaged. But don’t be tempted by cheaper imitations that are now commonly found, pieces that are not well made means your child will not engage as well because the pieces are not as colourful or vibrant, or the pieces don’t stick well together (in fact, it may have a negative effect in diminishing their self confidence if their creations keep falling apart, for example); let alone any safety concerns.

Magformers are made with the highest quality BPA-free hard plastic, with rotating magnet safely encapsulated, so building is made easy for little hands, developing important finger strength and fine motor skills.

Children as young as 18 months can start playing with products from the Magformers My First Line.

The combination of shapes, colours and, in some sets, more technical accessories, will give your child the tools to create unlimited designs!

Imagine how happy and excited your child will be when they show you their latest creative design!

Imagine how proud you will feel when your child has mastered the art of 3D modelling, all the while being conscious that your child is learning and developing their brain while having fun!

Imagine having the colourful pieces in your hands right now!

What would you and your child build together? A vehicle (Plane? Helicopter? Car? Bus? Truck? Bike? Boat?) An animal? A building? One of the seven wonders? A castle? A bridge or other structure? Furniture? A robot? A dinosaur? A tree, flower or plant? Fruit? A unique geometric design?

The possibilities are endless!