TILEBLOX Rainbow 104 Set magnetic tiles - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

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EOFY Sale Offer - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Limited time only.*

Tileblox is magnetic tiles made by Magformers, a globally leading brand in magnetic construction, known for its hight quality and vibrant colours.

This is currently the largest Tileblox set. It comes with all 6 shapes in Tileblox. The more pieces you have and the more shapes you have, the more creative you can get! 

The Rainbow 104 Set includes:

44 squares | 24 triangles | 12 isosceles right angle triangles | 12 isosceles triangles | 8 rectangles | 4 trapezoids

Recommended for 3 years +

*Buy one get one free offer is available for Retail customers only. Wholesale customers get 20% off when purchased n carton quantity.