Wonder Creator Set 121pcs

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If your child loves movie monsters like Godzilla, or is a fan of manga comics and films and anime, then this Magformers set makes an outstanding present. It is jam-packed with 121 pieces including supercool body parts to make three different recommended dino-monsters. Or you can smash the monster pieces together with the magnetic shapes to make your very own incredible mega monsters to crush any city scape.

This amazing set features 12 magnetic triangles and 24 squares, alongside hexagons, pentagons, rectangles, isosceles triangles, diamonds, trapezoids, arches, super-arches and sectors. Then there are heads and body parts for a T-rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

But the fun doesn’t end there. With 84 Magformers magnetic pieces, kids can also learn as they play, discovering and making 2D nets and 3D mathematical shapes and models from a tetrahedron to 26-sided rhombicuboctahedron, prisms or cylinders.

Incredible on its own, the Wonder Creator Set also integrates seamlessly with all other Magformers sets in your child’s collection to make a wonderful addition.

Mega 121-piece set with manga monster body parts.
  • Build Godzilla-like beasts to rampage through your city-scape.
  • Over 80 magnetic pieces and 12 different shapes inside.
  • Makes three different giant dinosaurs. Or mash them together to make mega monsters.
  • Limited edition set.